Martin Jones
Martin Jones
Co-founder & Executive Creative Director

A creative director who has always worked for himself; Martin Jones is passion, dedication and creative talent personified. After studying advertising and design, Martin's spent more than 25 years in the creative arena, digitising brands for Johnson & Johnson and Black & Decker, and creating digital strategy for Harley-Davidson, Goldman Sachs and Aviva. He's spearheaded extranet development, marketing planning and brand guardianship for Harley-Davidson Strategic Growth Markets while spurring them on to develop exciting campaigns for a brand he loves and adores.

As he's grown and sold companies along the way, Martin's built strong and lasting relationships with clients and colleagues alike by inspiring them to want to do better, create better and be better. He wishes his rugby team, Gloucester would follow the lead but hey, what can you do... It's this infectious passion and drive that makes his agency the success that it is.

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